Monday, December 17, 2012


Wishing You Falala Holiday Card
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

He's just preparing for the big day/ 5 months

Yeah, looks like we have a little Halloween tradition goin' on.  Once Hans sees his costume...he must put it on That polyester has got to be sticky and hot (not to mention flammable), but homeboy doesn't care. 

The actual 'name' of this costume is Dragonsaurus, but Meathead calls it "Godzilla."  Whatever keeps him from having a 3 year-old mental breakdown, right?

On to Rowan<3, he's 5 months old (time is flying with this babe) and I just started him on baby oatmeal cuz he's hungry ALLLL of the time and he's sucking the life outta me lol. He smiles roughly 18 hours a day, is ticklish, laughs at his derranged brother, and doesn't give a cat's meow about rolling over.  We have decided that Rowan is the 'thinker' of the family (Thank God, cuz we need one). One of our weird family hobbies is saying what Rowan looks like he's thinking. Here are a few of the keepers:

"I can't believe I got dealt these cards."
"I'm graduating a year early from high school so I can get out of here."
"I hate you, Hans."
"Really Mom?  Why must you always have it on the Hallmark channel!"
"Is Dad ever coming home again?"
"Clovis, New Mexico is the worst place ever."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6 More Months Til' Moustache March

I don't blame the new tasche fad that is sweeping the nation.  I blame his father, mainly for growing one every single deployment and the beloved month of March...year after year after year.    Sometimes I could just kick the Air Force in the face.  Hans has spent the last 2 days playing and watching "Dino Dan" with this Mr. Potato Head accessory in his mouth.
And this face, well this face makes it easier to deal with Hans wanting a real moustache when he grows up.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I wanna go back

(Eddie Money has a regular spin spot in this house)

Hans started MDO, Rowan turned 3 months, we got new carpet...I know I know, I'm just so interesting.
Let me explain the title before I just post pics and call it a morning.
Now that my day consists of Hans and Rowan (I literally wake up, blink and then it's 8pm), time is flying. These days are going too quickly.  So, I'm doing my best to just soak up the boy love in this ole' house.  I have never felt more fulfilled than I do right now. 

First day of school.  This kid was so happy and excited that he didn't even say goodbye to me.  Whatevs.

Rowan is grinning cuz Hans is at school= peace and quiet.  No really, Rowan is the easiest babe ever.  He just hangs out and enjoys the Eulberg show day in and day out. I love this little guy so much and if I test the powers that be, I'm pretty sure that I'll never get another laid back child again.
But you know me... I get a kick out of testing the powers that be.